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Hair and Nails

After using the Collagen for 2 months I have come back to buy the Glow and Go because my hair and nails are the best condition of my life! Amazing - highly recommend give it a try.


Nour A.


It’s been 2 weeks and so far I’m seeing great results. I’ve been so bloated and tired recently and looked for something to help. This product has worked wonders for me.


Leila F.


I've been trying both for a week now. It does make you energetic and I'm noticing that my cravings to sweet things have disappeared! It tastes great too!


Rasha M.


The formulation team of R&D scientists transformed the conventional effervescent tablet and pushed boundaries to ensure maximum efficacy. Designed to work effectively whilst giving a simple, fun experience.

No complicated routines

Join the many that have already replaced their bulky powders, big capsules, and sickly shots with our refreshing and concentrated formulas. ItsTheFizz solutions have been designed to get better results hassle free.

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